Aesthetic Medical Spa’s Weight Success Program…

Love your Body! Love Yourself!

If you’re struggling with extra weight, you might find that:

You don’t have the energy that you’d like

You don’t feel good about yourself

Your zest for life has diminished

You feel confused about how to lose weight or frustrated about why you haven’t been successful, because you’re doing a lot of the “right” things!


Many people tell me that they struggle with their weight and don’t know what to do. In truth, there are several key reasons why people cannot lose weight and keep it off, but when they follow our program; they drop the weight and keep it off!

We created the Aesthetics Medical Spa Weight Success Program because we saw the need for a comprehensive weight loss program that works.

Our Weight Success Program is different because it approaches successful weight loss from 3 critical directions:


If you have a medical condition or a biochemical imbalance (such as hypothyroidism, or other hormone issues) you might not be able to lose weight and feel your best without medical intervention. We have multiple ways to help you to correct these underlying issues, making it easier for you to lose the weight and keep it off.


You may be confused about what to eat (there are a lot of theories out there today!), or you may not be absorbing nutrients from foods because of digestive problems. We not only help you correct digestive imbalances but support you with a sound nutritional and eating program that will leave you feeling satisfied and successful!

Cultural (Lifestyle)

Let’s face it; some habits and actions are more beneficial for helping you accomplish and maintain your Success Weight. How often do you exercise and what do you do? When do you eat and how balanced are your meals? How much and how well do you sleep? Our team consults with you to discover and apply habits and actions that will help you achieve your Success Weight once and for all!

Achieving your Success Weight has never been simpler or easier…


There is a reason why so many people have difficulty losing weight! If you’ve tried other programs and not succeeded, the program may not have…

Addressed all the root causes of weight gain, including medical and emotional

Been presented in a way that was easy to understand and use

Provided the best kind of support for YOU

Been backed by sound nutritional science

Included a clear, easy-to-follow plan

Aesthetics Medical Spa’s Weight Success Program makes accomplishing weight loss easier by:


Using blood testing to determine whether you have certain sensitivities and genetic predispositions that may be interfering with permanent weight loss.

Using science-based nutrition to provide effective nutrient support through all 3 phases of our weight loss programs.

Providing monthly support in the form of in-person consultations and medical treatments, weigh-ins, and unlimited email support until you reach your Success Weight!