IV Infusions And Injections

Boost your body with IV Infusions and Health and Immune-building Injections.

IV Infusions

Intravenous (IV) Infusions boost your immune system, increase energy, improve your sense of well-being, and when used regularly reduce viruses, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain.

IV Infusions are a safe and effective way to give your body antioxidant-rich vitamins and minerals to improve your overall well-being, and address the depletion that comes from cancer treatments, irritable bowel syndrome, and other chronic health conditions.

IV therapy is beneficial for all adults: It’s perfect for everyone from the entrepreneur looking for a cognitive edge to party-happy Millennials in need of an instant hangover cure. Our “on-the-go society” is ready to get the most out of each day, and now you can too! Below is a list of our offerings. Call us today to book yours!



Hangover Remediation


Cognitive Enhancement

Athletic Performance

Anti-Aging and Beauty

Illness Recovery (acute and chronic)

Immunity and Hydration

Vitamin C

Boost Immune Function!


500mg/mL (50 mL Vial)

Helps assist in collagen regrowth

Boosts the immune function to prevent sickness

Improves energy levels

Plenish Cocktail

(50 ml Vial)

Get a cocktail of everything!


Calcium Gluconate 1.3 mg / mL

Cyanocobalamin 0.03 mg / mL

Dexpanthenol 6.6 mg / mL

Magnesium Chloride 10.5 mg / mL

Niacinamide 2.6 mg / mL

Pyridoxine HCl 2.7 mg / mL

Riboflavin 0.05 mg / mL

Thiamine HCl 2.6 mg / mL


Lighten your skin with this

master antioxidant!


Improve skin complexion over a series of glutathione drips by minimizing melatonin.

Look and feel younger by keeping your cells healthy and strong.

Empower your body's detoxification process, so your body can function more effectively.

Encourage cell revitalization and regeneration.

Detoxify the liver and cells, so you're protected against diseases.


Promotes cell regeneration to help

cognitive functions!


Higher NAD levels can help the body recover faster from injuries.

Speed up cellular processes and chemical changes in your brain to feel more focused.

Slow down degenerative aging processes at a cellular level.

Ozone Therapy

Supports Cellular Rejuvenation!


Strengths immune system

Stimulates white blood cells

Helps prevent against viruses

Add Ons

Add an Extra Boost to our Infusions!



Extra Vitamin C