Office Policies And Procedures

Dear friends, we have updated a few of our office policies and procedures. We are thoroughly committed to the most relaxing and enjoyable enjoyable experience for you and our other clients and ask for your consideration and understanding in our efforts. Thank you!

        Payment, Cancelation, and Other

        Payment Options and Fees:

        • We require payment in full on the day services are rendered.
        • We except cash, personal checks, and major credit cards for payment.
        • There will be a $50 fee for any check returned due to insufficient funds.


        • We require 24-hour advanced notice of cancellation for all appointments.
        • If you are unable to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, we require a $50 fee to cover your missed appointment. We appreciate your understanding and respecting our staff’s time.
        • If you miss a membership appointment and don’t call to reschedule 24 hours prior to the appointment, your appointment will be forfeited for that month.
        • We may ask any patient that frequently reschedules appointments to pay a $50 deposit on rescheduled appointments.


        We may ask for a $50 credit card deposit prior to scheduling an appointment for services that are lengthy, as we are often unable to filled cancelled appointments on short notice.

        Return Policy:

        • Returns on products must be made within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.
        • There are no refunds on services.
        • Special orders cannot be returned and are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

        Prepaid Services / Gift Cards:

        • All prepaid services must be used within a calendar year from date of purchase.
        • We also require that all gifts cards be used within a year of the date of purchase

        Products on Hold:

        • Products can be held for 24 hours without payment. If you would like to put a product on hold for a period beyond 24 hours, payment is required up front.
        • Shipping is available for our customers’ convenience and is paid by the customer.

        Botox Discounts:

        • A $25 discount is applied to any Botox treatment when a following treatment is booked at check-out and scheduled out 3 months or longer.
        • Scheduled Botox appointments cannot be moved or cancelled. In this event, your discount is forfeited.
        • Clients must purchase 25 units or more to be eligible for Botox discounts.

        Spa and Medical Memberships:

        • Membership fees will be drawn from accounts on the 1st day of every month.
        • If any changes need to be made on your account, please notify us before the 1st of every month.
        • If a credit card is declined, we will make a second attempt to run the card; if it is declined again, your membership will be automatically cancelled and a new application will be required to reinstate your membership, and to obtain discounts on products, services, and supplements.
        • NO membership can be held, transferred, or drafted into the next month.

        Office Operation and Procedure

        Hours of Operation:

        Aesthetics Medical Spa and Integrative Medicine is open Mondays, Wednesdays-Thursdays 8:30am-5:00pm and Fridays 8:30am-12pm(Noon) Tuesdays by appointment. If you’d like to reach us after hours, please call or text us at (828) 697-1592 and leave a message on our confidential voicemail. We will get back to you within 24 hours after our office reopens.


        • Aesthetics Medical Spa and Integrative Medicine’s Practitioner does not provide primary care or emergency services and does not provide services outside of regular office hours.
        • Aesthetics Medical Spa and Integrative Medicine clients are expected to maintain access to a primary care physician for ongoing care.
        • Patients are seen by appointment only and may be unable to see you on a walk-in basis.
        • We advise you to go to your local urgent care center or emergency room, or call 911, for any medical emergencies.

        Medical Patients:

        • We ask that all medical patients log into Power2Patient prior to your visit (See the link  on the home page of our website: and fill out the reason for your visit, your current and past medical history, symptoms, family history, active medications, and supplements.
        • Medical visits will be scheduled weekdays Monday-Thursday during our standard operating hours.

        Prescription Refills:

        • Prescriptions will be called in within 24 hours of your request.
        • Requests for medication refills will only be granted to current patients that have been seen in the office and have had labs drawn within 6 months of the request.
        • Bi-annual office visits are required for continued care at Aesthetics Medical Spa.

        Appointments for IV:

        • Appointments are required for IV drips: a deposit may be required as IV fluids are custom-made for each client and cannot be transferred to another patient.

        Phone calls and emails:

        • Aesthetics Medical Spa and Integrative Medicine’s Practitioner may approve (on an individual basis) phone appointments for some follow-up visits.
        • Phone appointments are billed at the same rate as in-office appointments.
        • Simple questions between office visits are most efficiently handled by staff via telephone or email. If you have a complex or urgent health issue, please set an in-office appointment so that all of your concerns can be addressed.
        • There may be a fee for lengthy or involved calls and emails that require a practitioner’s time. In these cases, we will collect payment in advance of your scheduled call.
        • Calls will be returned in 24-48 hours.

        Other Considerations


        • We kindly ask that you arrange off-premises childcare for all children under the age of 12.
        • Children over the age of 12 are permitted in the office, provided they can maintain a quiet activity for the duration of your appointment.


        Aesthetics Medical Spa and Integrative Medicine is a smoke-free, e-cigarette-free, and tobacco-free facility.

        Dogs, cats or pets:

        As much as we love fur-babies (which is a lot!), please refrain from bringing them to the spa at any time. Thank you for your understanding!

        Cell Phones:

        To preserve the serenity of our environment, please turn off or silence cell phones upon arrival and for the duration of your visit. If you must keep your phone on for necessary calls or for potential emergencies, please lower the ring volume or place your phone on vibrate and be discreet and courteous by keeping calls as short as possible.

        Weather Conditions and Travel Considerations:

        • Because we are located in the mountains of western North Carolina, we occasionally have winter-weather advisories that make travel difficult. As such, the office may close on short notice. In this event, we will happily reschedule your appointment when the office reopens.
        • If the possibility of inclement weather is present, please call the office in advance of your appointment and before traveling to assure we are open.
        • Schedule changes due to weather will be announced on our answering machine by 8am.