Not all supplements are created with quality in mind. There are four critical factors to consider when selecting supplements. All are important, as poor-quality supplements are not only a waste of money but can be detrimental to health.

First, determine if the supplement company that you are buying from is mission driven. Do they have a sincere interest in impacting human health and helping people live their best life, like we at Natural Longevity do? Do they understand health and the impediments to health? Start there, because when you find people who care, you will also find that they align themselves with excellent partners.

Second and third, does the supplement company that you are buying from ensure the highest quality of raw materials? And do they test their raw materials and their finished products? Because nutritional supplements are unregulated in the U.S., companies are left to their own devices to ensure quality. Sadly, there is evidence of poor quality control in both the manufacture and storage of supplements, which affects supplement quality. Issues range from the existence of additives and fillers, the possibility of raw materials containing dangerous toxins, such as mercury or lead, and the dosage on the label not matching the dosage in the pill, which is more common than you might think.

Every one of Natural Longevity’s products offers meaningful quantities of therapeutic ingredients, optimized to reverse deficiency states and conditions. This means that they are designed with an understanding of how the human body uses nutrients, and how the body heals from chronic illness. For example, zinc, a critical mineral for immunity and metabolism, is better absorbed, when B-vitamins are present. That’s why our zinc product contains B-vitamins.

We also understand the importance of purity. That’s why we buy from the most reputable raw material suppliers, and all of our raw materials are tested. Our nutritional supplements are free of ingredients commonly associated with negative side effects, including concentrated fruit juices and black pepper extracts. Additionally, almost all of our ingredients come from non-GMO sources. Our commitment to quality means we formulate our products with:

• No gluten

• No soy protein

• No artificial flavors or sweeteners

Lastly, are your supplements certified? Natural Longevity’s supplement products are NSF-certified by the FDA four times a year. These audits evaluate every aspect of our operations, including quality assurance, raw material and finished product testing, production and distribution procedures, facility and equipment cleanliness, and employee training. Certification gives assurance that our products have the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that appear on our labels.

High-quality supplements typically cost more because they require a greater number of resources to ensure their quality. However, when it comes to your body, your health, and your wouldn’t you feel most at ease taking the best, highest quality nutritional supplements offered today? We think you would!