Enjoy the Many Benefits of the Aesthetics Medical Monthly Membership

Do you look and feel your best?

Our Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation for Monthly Includes:

Quarterly Medical Consultation and Exam 
Quarterly Nutritonal Evaluation per our Health Coach 
Monthly Vitamin B12 and B Complex Injection

Our Wellness Evaluation will help to determine if you are a candidate for:

Peptide Therapy
Amino Acid Sequences that play and Anti-Aging Role in Improving Weight Loss, Mental Clarity and Energy.
Bio-Identical Hormone Support
Plant derived Natural Hormone Therapy-supporting endongenous hormone balancing.
Adrenal/Thyroid Regulation
Supporting HPA Access improves energy, focus and assists in stress response.

20% Off All Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals and Infusions.
20% Off Additonal Testing- GENOVA GI Mapping, Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis and Precision Analytical Urine Testing

Combination Spa and Medical Membership
Includes all medical and spa membership services! (3 month minimum)