Find the answers you are looking for for optimal health!

Our professional team can help you eliminate the dependency on long term medications and get you back to true health, the way Mother Nature intended. Aesthetics Medical Spa is proud to be the only practice in WNC to offer this complete health analysis, along with patient education and support for a fraction of the cost of other national providers.

Our comprehensive Wellness evaluation includes:

Medical Consultation, Exam and Lab Testing. Our Advanced Genetic Biomarkers panel includes:
Lipoprotein Analysis, Inflammation and Metabolic Markers, Food and Environmental Allergy Testing, Glycemic and Insulin Resistance, Thyroid, Adrenal and Sexual Hormones, Autoimmune Factors, Omega acids screening and Hepatic and Renal Function.

Follow-up Visit

Bioidentical Hormone Pellet
(Female) $150 
(Male) $450